Monday, April 6, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 6

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 6

·         Today, April 6, is the 13th day of the national lockdown to combat Corona Virus.  Let it be the 13van of the Virus, in traditional parlance on the demise of someone. In India the death toll has crossed 100. The authorities are fully geared to handle the situation. It is time that ‘we the people of India’ stand up and do our bit to help ourselves. India is still struggling to ward of the danger of community spread. The doctors and para-medical staff are on the receiving end but still determined to do their best even in the absence of much desired protective kits and other tools of their profession. The authorities must pay immediate attention to these requirements. PM Narendra Modi has done well in generating
much needed awareness and sense of solidarity among the people by way symbolic gestures of “clapping or thali bajao” on March 22 and ‘lighting of lamps’ on April 5 with a mixed response of both approval and criticism. Today I could not refrain myself from commenting a post in Facebook criticizing PM Modi for these “gimmicks”. I said,” But one thing is a hard reality, he is the PM of a country of 130 crore people. Enjoys an absolute majority in the parliament that too successively for the second time. What Gandhi said about Ambedkar "You can criticize Ambedkar but you cannot ignore him". It is true for Modi also.”

 PM Modi’s initiative to speak to Former Presidents, PMs and leaders of the opposition and to the floor leaders in the parliament is also appreciable. He should have done it before – Der Ayat Daroost Ayat.

The lighter side of the situation continued to beat the boredom of lockdown and confinement. PM Modi is the most sought after personality who is targeted in the process. On PM Modi’s call for put off the electric lights and light the lamps or candles, somebody mischievously elaborated – ‘Dhyaan rakhna  light band karke diya lagakar balcony main jaana hai... bedroom  ch nahi... Modi ji ne Ghar  ch Chirag jalane ko bola hai ghar mein chirag lane ko nahi.’ The housewives are a harassed lot in the lockdown. Some ladies have made their own notices to control their kitchens at home. Pooja Khanna has sent me this notice.

The intellectuals sitting at home are not behind to utilize their “Fursat Ke Raat Din” to give free hand to their pens as the legendary Khuswant Singh said, ‘No condom has yet been made to fit his pen’. Yesterday, I took the liberty of sharing a poem by my versatile literary friend Paramjit. Today when my friend, philosopher and guide in Jalandhar, Principal Jagdish Chander Joshi, a poet of standing, as usual, recited on phone his latest nazam, I asked for his approval to share the nazam on the prevailing situation in my blog for wider circulation, he kindly agreed. I produce below his beautifully calligraphed piece received on WhatsApp, to our advantage:

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