Friday, April 10, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 8

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 8

The extended weekend of celebrations and festivities started today, April 10 with – Good Friday – Sunday – Baisakhi – Ambedkar Jayanti – in the lockdown condition in wake of Corona Virus. We are to remain calm and confined to our homes as required and advised by the authorities and leadership. The coming weeks are crucial. It is a matter of gratification that we in India, in spite of difficulties and problems of under development, are better off than
many other countries. We are to maintain our guard against the menace to enable us to see many more Good Fridays, Baisakhis and Jayantis of our icons in the years to come. I take this opportunity to wish my countrymen and the international community all the very best. We are to prepare ourselves for the extended lockdown, if required. In fact, some of the state governments have already started to extend the lockdown to the end of April.

Till today, April 10, the figure of positive cases in India has already cross 6000 mark and that of dead 200. The figure is likely to rise fast in the coming days. We are to be careful not only of the Corona virus but also of the communal virus and also of the hunger virus which are our traditional enemies. Some of our media outfits, on the right or wrong notion of supporting the power centers for their vested agenda, are hell went to muddy the waters. The authorities and the civic society should take note of these nefarious designs and be on guards.
इस मुश्किल घड़ी में किसी ने राशन, किसी ने खाना, किसी ने पैसा, किसी ने हमदर्दी बांटी ! एक मिडिया है जिसने सिर्फ नफरत नफरत नफरत बांटी !

 We are to kill the boredom of lockdown and live our daily life with ease. Whereas the confinement and social distancing is the only effective way so far to fight the Corona virus, there is some definite fall out of the situation. We are to live that too –

पत्नी : तुम मास्क पहन लो
पति : मैं तो घर पर ही हूँ
पत्नी : तंग गई  हूँ तुम्हारी
शक्ल देख के !

Somebody has rightly mentioned, as shared by my senior diplomatic colleague, Ambassador Bal Anand, how to celebrate the Good Friday this year – “Still undecided on where to spend the Easter weekend----The Living Room or The Bedroom.” The deadly virus has negated the often flouted the ‘Majoritarian’ dictum as one of my talented friend, Paramjit, put it in her meaningful composition:
जमीन पर शोर मचा था*
*हमारी हुकूमत हमारी मर्ज़ी*,
*आसमान से आवाज़ आई*
*मेरी दुनिया मेरी मर्जी*

Greetings on the Good Friday. Let us pray for the well-being of all.

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