Wednesday, April 1, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 2

     CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 2

This is my second take on the subject. Let us have a look on the developing situation on the pandemic in India. The authorities are, it seems, are doing well with all the limitations given the size of the country and problems of under development. We need to aware of these realities. It is a matter of satisfaction to note that so far we have succeeded in warding us from the third stage that is the ‘community spread’ in our country. The odds and dangers are huge. The incidents like the Tablighi Markaz at Nizamuddin and Majnu Ka Tilla Gurdwara are disturbing. If we do not control such blatant happenings, we will invite big troubles for ourselves and the society at large. There is no point in blame game. The concerned community leaders should be mindful. The authorities should be vigilant and pro-active and stern action should be taken to punish

the guilty and responsible. Kindly don’t bring in communal considerations in handling such cases. The second point I will like to make it that we should not resort to avoidable scare. My friend Retired IAS officer T. R. Sarangal has rightly mentioned in Facebook Timeline about the positive aspects of the campaign against corona virus mentioning the positive results and recoveries – If winter comes, can spring be far behind.

Let us come to the lighter side of the matter. How the lovers manage their tender feelings in the lockdown and curfew. Feelings of love will prevail – Corona or no Corona:

कर दिया हमने भी इज़हारे मुहब्बत फ़ोन पर;
लाख रुपये की बात थी; एक रुपए में हो गई!

In a restaurant in Europe, the following dating intention was displayed to beat the ‘social distancing”

“Single man w/TP seeks a single woman w/hand sanitizer for good clean fun”

Mirza Galib must be happy with the lockdown. He always longed for “Fursat ke Raat Din”:-

दिल ढ़ूढ़ता है फिर वही फुर्शत  के रात ;
बैठे रहें तशाबुरे  जाना किए हुए!

We would defeat the COVID – 19 as somebody said, “Corona would not last long as it is made in China”

Let us look forward. Be careful and alert.

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