Sunday, April 19, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 14

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 14

The 26th day of the lockdown has gone. Tomorrow, April 20, some relaxations would be given to slowly phase out the complete shutdown. Let us hope for the better. We have succeeded, so far, in warding off the danger of the third stage of the deadly virus. The fight, it seems, would be a long drawn exercise. We should be prepared for the impending situation. It is satisfying to note that political parties are getting sober and less acrimonious and the state governments are listening to the central government. There is no other way. We are to live in a democratic and federal polity and a multi-religious and multi-ethnic society. We are to save ourselves. I am reminded of a couplet of Allma Iqbal:

Iqbal koi Mehram Apna Nahin Jahan Mein;
Maloom Kya Kisi Ko Darde Nihan Hamara.

The stories, both confirmed and unverified, of standoff between the US and China on the spread of Corona Virus are rife. India being a large country of 1.3 billion people is to be careful and watch our interests in the post pandemic scenario. It will be a big job not only
for the political leadership of the country but also for the IFS fraternity. I am confident we would be able to deliver, as always. Our decision to lift the ban on export of medicines required by the US and some other countries was a good decision as soft-medical diplomacy.

Again to justify the banner of the blog, I come to the lighter side of the matter. Here is an interesting conversation between two friends confined to their homes in the lockdown:

दो दोस्तों की बातचीत
पहला दोस्त -मैं इस समय Stage-3 में हूँ,
पहली स्टेज में बर्तन माँजे,
दूसरी स्टेज में खाना बनाया,
तीसरी स्टेज में कपड़े धो रहा हूँ !
और तुम ??
दूसरा दोस्त- मैंने बेलन से मार खा ली मगर काम नही किया..!
भाई कोरोना तो थोड़े दिन में चला जायेगा,मगर पत्नी को पता चल गया
सोशल डिस्टेनसिंग का ध्यान रखें हाथ बिल्कुल मिलाएं
और इतनी जोर से तो बिल्कुल भी नहीं 

कि इसको ये सब आता है तो जिंदगी भर करना पड़ेगा।
A different perception of social distancing as a teaser between a newly married couple:
पति : तुम कहाँ हो?
श्रीमती : आप के दिल में हूं !
पति : तुम्हें कितनी बार समझाया है   कि भीड़ भाड़ वाली जगह पर मत जाया करो।।

As usual I close with a Hindi poem of a poet of repute, Ashok Chakardar sent by a poet by his own right belonging to IFS fraternity, Amarjeet:

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