Monday, June 24, 2013

Suhani gets 4

Suhani, our grand-daughter (daughter of Rupesh & Sulekha) celebrated her birthday yesterday, the June 23. She became four. Though Suhani’s tummy was somewhat up-set yet she was excited to have the cake and eat it too. She wanted a special cake, shaped as the cartoon character Doraemon. We arranged a small dinner party at home with close extended family members. It was a wonderful evening. Sukhdev (my brother-in-law – Sandu Bhai) helped us getting made some special dishes by the competent cooks of the PAP. Sunny (son of my brother Pammi who is a budding vocalist) engaged the young crowd in karaoke singing.  It made the party all the more enjoyable. I recall that we celebrated Suhani’s first birth anniversary in Minsk (Belarus) in 2010 at the Taj, the only Indian Restaurant in the City. She is older by one more year but cuter and charming too. It is rightly said ‘one gets more interested in the interest than the capital.’ (Mool nalo biaj piara). God bless her.

I generally don’t take the initiative to celebrate birthdays particularly my own and that of my wife Vidya. But I do believe in celebrations with a view to bring in some cheer to the hassled life. The famous TV personality Oprah Winfrey has rightly said “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”  I pray that Suhani grows up as a good child as “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some Introspection & Some Relections

I am sitting (without much work) in my office at Jalandhar School of Careers & Opportunities. Some introspection and some reflections of the last two weeks have over-powered my mind. My daughter Vaishali was with us in Jalandhar with her two lovely daughters Komal & Tania during their summer vacations. It was a wonderful time. It was all the more good for Suhani, my granddaughter who will be 4 on June 23, who along with her parents my son Rupesh and daughter-in-law Sulekha, had shifted to Jalandhar from Gurgaon to live with us. The girls enjoyed their swimming at Suhani’s school – Cambridge International early in the mornings. Over the recent years, I have found that Komal & Tania were always willing and eager to come to Jalandhar and spend their holidays with us. I think Vaishali has given them a good sense of belonging. We are lucky to have such a good and caring daughter.

 On the side of introspection, I can very well say that we (me and my wife Vidya) remained ordinary parents which could not do much for our children. Nevertheless, our children have been caring and attached particularly our daughter Vaishali. We both are happy in the advancing years of our life. As regards some reflections, I must say with some sense of satisfaction and pride that Vaishali has been very kind to us. Every time she is in Jalandhar, she ensures to that our kitchen is redone, fans are cleaned, and bath rooms are spruced up. At her own house, she has good and enough domestic help to do all this and need not do these odd jobs herself. But at our small flat we don’t have much help. Vaishali tend to do all by herself. I appreciate this not as a good help to us but as a good quality in these days of superfluous living. God bless her. JP her husband is equally good. In spite of his busy schedule in his business as the CEO of Rothenberg (India) Ltd, he came to pick up Vaishali and their daughters. We relished a good bottle of Chilean white wine to unwind ourselves. They went to Chandigarh for touristic urges on the way back to Faridabad. We miss them here. More say Suhani who since yesterday repeatedly remember Shelly Bhua and Komal & Tania by murmuring that she wants to go to Chandigarh too. Vaishali is in demand. Amen!