Thursday, April 16, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 11

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 11

We are fighting against a deadly virus. I started this serious with the title – Immediate fallout of the lockdown. 23 days of the lockdown has given us some lessons which we should understand, if we don’t, it will be our own peril. Though the governments have done well and people have also cooperated by and large in spite of problems of limited resources, poverty, and illiteracy and under development in general. I have been mentioning about the communal divide crossing the proverbial “Laxman Rekha”. It should stop immediately. Authorities should advise all the TV channels to stop hosting senseless panel discussions on communal issues under garb of Corona Virus. The second disturbing thing which has emerged is – mindless violence against the ‘frontline warriors” – doctors, paramedical staff, police, safai karamies among others. The community leaders should immediately address the issue and appeal to the hapless public to stop this forthwith. The law and order machinery should be strict in dealing with the guilty and give immediate exemplary punishment which should be demonstrative to instill fear. The third is possible rather grim and potently dangerous – Food Riots. The authorities and the civic society should get prepared to handle the situation. My gut feeling tells me that, we would overcome the situation, if we sit, think and stand together, if I simply go by the data so far – about 1400 positive cases and 400 deaths in a mind boggling population of 130 crores. So far so good.

Shakti bhi shanti bhi bhakton ke geet mein hai;
Bharat k basion ki mukti preet mein hai.

All said and done, let us do some justice to the caption of this blog – the lighter side of Corona virus -ਕਦੀ ਹਸ ਭੀ ਲਿਆ ਕਰੋ ਹਮੇਸ਼ਾ ਟੀਂਡੇ ਬਰਗਾ ਮੂੰਹ ਬਣਾ ਕੇ ਰਖਦੇ ਹੋ . I said in my earlier blog that the tipplers were not happy as the Thekas – wine shops were not open. The stocks have exhausted.  One of teetotaler diplomatic friend has sent me a gem in this regard. 

My facebook buddy, Pooja Khanna has commented on the symptoms of the virus. We should all be careful.

Now to conclude, as usual, let me share here a poetic expression of my diplomatic fraternity, Ambassador Jeitendra Tripathi:

महामारी पर मेरी नयी ग़ज़ल पेश--ख़िदमत है-
एहसान जैसे सरेआम कर रहे हैं लोग,
रिश्तों का ऐसा एहतराम कर रहे हैं लोग।
आज़ार ने बदल दिया तहज़ीब का मिज़ाज,
बस दूर से दुआ-सलाम कर रहे हैं लोग।
रोज़गार ने जिन्हें था
बेघर कभी किया,
घर लौटने का इंतज़ाम
कर रहे हैं लोग।
जिनको बुलंदियो पर अपनी नाज़ था कभी,
फिलहाल जमीं पर क़याम कर रहे हैं लोग।
(एहतराम-to honour;
क़याम-temporary residence)

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