Friday, May 22, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 28

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side – 28

Today, May 22, is the 5th day of the phase 4 of the lockdown on account of Corona virus. The situation is slowly moving to normalcy but at an unavoidable cost. It has been reported that within the past 24 hours more 6000 positive cases have inflated the
tally of more than 1 lakh 12 thousand. It will go on for more months. There is no way out. It has resulted into a mixed bag of fallout:-
i)                  Increasing tensions in international relations. President Trump has again pointed fingers at China for the spread of Corona virus.
ii)               Many countries like China and the US have claimed some break-through in making a vaccine of Corona virus. But will it be available to all and if yes at what cost?
iii)            The economic slow-down globally is a matter of concern and worry.
Besides these international considerations, there are a few good and bad aspects for us in India: -
i)                  The problem of migrant workers remained a major irritant. The ‘Political Gang War’ as termed by some media channels among the ruling parties and the opposition parties
has aggravated the situation further. The poor workers are suffering without any fault on their side. The governments are at loss to control the situation.
ii)               The financial package of the central government has failed to excite the stake holders in every sector of the economy and the society.
iii)            The internal air travel being started on May 25 and train journeys on June 1 are likely to bring in further irritants and bottlenecks. But the services are needed to begin. The authorities should be prepared to meet the emerging situation.

As it is said – ‘Aur Bhi Gam Hain Zamane Mein Muhabatt Ke Siva’, we have problems/issues on hand other than the Corona virus related ones – Terrorism in J&K, India-Nepal border row, Tensions on LAC with China, Devastation of Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal and Orissa. These issues have the potential to keep India on toes to distract us from dealing with developmental aspects of the country.

Doing justice to the banner of the blog, I come to the lighter side of the deadly virus and its jovial fallout. Let us see a telling commentary on the government’s financial package:

अब विजय माल्या यह कहता फिर रहा है कि...
अगर भारत सरकार क़र्ज़ देने को राहत पैकेज कह रही है तो मेरे लिए भी यह ऐलान किया जाये कि मैं बैंकों से राहत पैकेज ले कर भागा हूँ!

Yet another gem on the financial package from the perspective of the opposition parties:-

पुरानी फिल्मों में डाकू अमीरों को लूटते थे और गरीबों में बाँट देते थे!
अब सरकार गरीबों को लूटती है और अमीरों में बाँट देती है!

See an interesting notice outside the Theka – Wine Shop:

"अर्थव्यवस्था को कंधा (सहारा) लगा सकें इतनी ही लें क्योंकि आपको कंधा लगाने लायक स्टाफ हमारी दुकान पर नहीं है!"

As usual, my poet friends help in closing these blogs. Here is a poem shared by Paramjit of NCR:

*शुक्र कर रब का,*
*तू अपने घर में है,*
*पूछ उस से जो*
*अटका सफ़र में है!*
*यहाँ बाप की शक्ल नहीं देखी*
*आखरी वक़्त में कुछ लोगों ने,*
*बेटा हॉस्पिटल में और*
*बाप कब्र में है*
*तेरे घर में राशन है साल भर का,*
*तू उसका सोच जो दो वक़्त की*
*रोटी के फ़िक्र में है !*
*तुम्हें किस बात की जल्दी है*
*गाड़ी में घूमने की,*
*अब तो सारी कायनातही सब्र में है!*
*अभीभी किसी भ्रममें मत रहना,मेरे दोस्त*
*इन्सानो की नहीं सुनती आज कल,*
*कुदरत अपने सुर में है!*

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