Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 4

July 9, it was a beautiful day again. The mercury hovered around 30 degree Celsius. As I wrote earlier that Stockholm is called a city on water. There are small islands in and around. All most all resident localities have their own water-fronts. These are well kept and clean. In the months of summer, people enjoy these for swimming, boating, sun-bathing, camping, family picnics (B´que etc.) and in winter, which is sever in Sweden, some of these water- fronts freeze and children play on the frozen lakes. There is Norrviken Sjön (lake) near our residence in Uppland Väsvy. My daughter-in-law Anju accompanied me Norrviken lake to so me around to have our occasional walks. It was very good, a hill with long greens on the way and lake fully surrounded on both sides by majestic trees. It is a pity that we in India are not able to keep and maintain our rivers and lakes. We enjoyed the day at home with our grand children. The evening was all the more lovely. We sat out side on the rear deck of the house with before dinner drinks and relaxed ourselves.

It is again a nice sunny day on July 10. People tell us that we have brought good summer from India. Our neighbor, Avon, a mature lady lamented that this good weather will remain only for another day or so and it would rain on the week end. Anyway, we will remain busy in lunches and dinners on the week end and look forward to the hospitality of our friends. Naresh  cut and made the hedges in front of the house. Unlike India, the hedges of different sizes and shapes make the boundaries of the house which present a beautiful and green look to the compounds. I plucked some cherries from the trees in front of our residence and enjoyed myself.

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