Monday, July 28, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 13

Naresh & Anju

Arvind & Pallavi
We have been in Stockholm for the last three weeks. From my Stockholm Diary, it may be felt that how happy we are with Naresh, Anju and our grand-children Pallavi and Arvind and also the friends circle of Naresh. We have happily noticed a couple of new and pleasant trends in the life style of both Naresh and Anju on one hand and good sense of maturity and affection for us in our grand-children. Today, Monday July 28, Naresh and Anju are observing their weekly fast. It is something new in our family and is a welcome thing. The good aspect of this is that they are doing this as a routine without any dogmatic rituals. I am supportive of this if not for any religious reasons but certainly for health benefits. Naresh, with some efforts, have shed considerable weight over the months. His life style, particularly pertaining to food and diet, is fully regulated and maintained. Anju is also quite conscious of her health and rightly so. I am preparing myself to bring in some regulation and discipline to my life style to instill health benefits, once I go back to India by the middle of August. Since we are in the midst of heavy and generous spell of lunches and dinners with friends in Stockholm and around, it is difficult to maintain the schedule with regimentation. I hopefully intend to do something in this regard on our return to Jalandhar.

Dinner Sukhi & Nippy
Yesterday evening, July 27, was full of enjoyment with Sukhpreet (Sukhi) and Jaspal Sabharwal (Nippy), close friends of Naresh and Anju. Both Sukhi and Nippy are  not only marvelous hosts but good at cooking excellent food. Sensing that we were excessively treated over good Indian food and grill sessions over the recent weeks, they offered an array of good South Asian food both for the snacks and the main course. The food was not only good for the palate but also the presentation was pleasant for the eyes.   Delicious dessert of Faluda Kulfis, a speciality of Sukhi, took our thoughts back to Delhi. The Teenpati session further relaxed the evening. We enjoyed ourselves fully along with other guests.

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