Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 27

Anju & Naresh with children
All good things also come to an end, it is said. Our vacations in Stockholm are over and we are scheduled to depart for India in the afternoon today, August 16. We have had a wonderful time with Naresh, Anju, Pallavi and Arvind ever since we arrived in Stockholm on July 4. Naresh and Anju have done well in life. Children are growing and coming of an age nicely. It is a matter of great satisfaction. May God bless them and we come again. 

PUFF dinner at  Waterfront Congress Centre
The finale of our visit was as good and enjoyable as the whole visit. The PUFF, Swedish Association of Whole Sellers, dinner in the evening of August 15 was fully enjoyable and relaxing. It was the 25th anniversary of the PUFF and they celebrated it with style. The venue was the picturesque Waterfront Congress Centre in the down town Stockholm facing the Stadshuset, seat of Government of Stockholm commune. It was a good experience to enjoy the evening in Swedish style with Swedish captains of business.  Thanks to Naresh for making it for us. 

With Catarina Reuter
We could meet and make a few more Swedish friends in the process. One of them was Catarina Reuter, siting by my side on our table, a vivacious and gracious lady. She  struck friendship with us in no time.  Catarina and her husband are doing business with India since long. They import textiles, brassware and also traditional and old furniture etc. and visit India once every year for the purpose. Catarina was quite frank and told me that though they were happy to do business with India yet it would be better if the Indian  exporters start conforming to international business norms and standards. Her main complaint was non-adherence to delivery schedules. I hope Indian exporters would take note of it. I checked with her whether I could write about this in my blog ? She said yes, do so. Catarina wished to be my friend on the Facebook. I said it would be my pleasure. We exchanged visiting cards. Today in the early morning, August 16, I opened my Facebook account and to my pleasant surprise there was a friendship request from Catarina. Now we are friends on the Facebook too. God bless her. 

With this I close My Stockholm Diary. Bye Bye Stockholm. Bye Bye Sweden, a beautiful country of friendly people.

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