Friday, August 15, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 26

Our vacations are coming to an end. We remained at home on August 14 and slowly started packing our bags for outward journey on August 16. In the afternoon here, listened President Pranab Mukherjee´s address to the nation with interest. It was one of the finest speeches our Presidents had made on the occasion. 

At Pammi & Ajay Vadher´s home
As usual, our evening was full of enjoyment and relaxation over a dinner with Pammi and Ajay Vadher at their huge villa in Täby in the outskirts of Stockholm. Both Pammi and Ajay are senior Executives with Swedish company Ericsson and have done well. The food with a Gujrati touch was excellent. Both Ajay and his homely wife Pammi were hospitable and reverential. God bless them.

At India House in Stockholm
The day, August 15, started early with our attendance at the Independence Day celebrations at the India House (residence of the Indian Ambassador). We exchanged  Independence day greetings with Ambassador Banashri Bose Harrison and other fellow Indians. It was a well attended function by the members of the Indian community and friends of India. The occasion revived our cherished memories of the India House during our own stay in Stockholm with the Indian Embassy. Ambassador Banashri Bose Harrison, my old colleague, was considerate and kind enough to recognize our presence at occasion. It was a satisfying movement for me and my wife Vidya.

In the evening today, we are scheduled to accompany Anju and Naresh to a formal dinner of Swedish Association of Whole Sellers of which Naresh´s companies are members. It will be a change from the enjoyable evenings, we have been spending with our Indian friends and enjoying their excellent hospitality. We look forward to meet the captains of Swedish business. 

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