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Dalit Assertion – Emerging Scenario

Dalit Assertion – Emerging Scenario

Bharat Bandh of April 2 to protest against the dilution of SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act by the Hon’ble Supreme Court has brought to fore many pointers which has implications for the coming political and social scenario in the country and the society. One it was a spontaneous uprising to register the pent up feelings and outrage of dalit masses against the piled up ill behavior and willful neglect and disregard even after more than 70 years of freedom. The growing undue clamour against the reservation for dalits without doing anything to bring about a casteless society is one of the major reasons of dalit dissatisfaction.  Everybody tends to speak against reservation for dalits. No one speaks against the caste based discrimination and high handedness. The growing perception of “Manuwadi” mindset and agenda of the ruling dispensation is yet another major factor for the growing unrest among the dalit youth. The recent happenings like Rohit Vemula’s suicide, thrashing of dalits in Una, Saharanpur incidents and arrest of Chander Shekhar Azad, Bheema-Koregaon incidents and the recent judicial outreach to dilute the efficacy of laws meant for the protection of hapless dalits are, inter alia, a few such acts of provocation which have resulted in a united dalit response, prime facie. Though it will take some more time to assess and formulate a more detailed analysis by the political and social pundits yet it is evident that challenges are potent and has the potential to spillover, if not handled to the satisfaction of the suffering humanity on the basis of the cardinal philosophy of ‘Equality, Fraternity and Justice’ stipulated in the constitution of India. But unfortunately, it seems that the political and social leadership and also the fourth pillar of the state that is the media are blissfully oblivious, though will not agree, of the ground realities and the simmering discontentment among the under-privileged. Just
to point out off the cuff, media, as usual, is not only suppressing but also not presenting the correct position. The media took no time to call the sporadic violence on April 2 as “Dalit Hinsa” inspite of the fact that violence was initiated, instigated and inflicted by the opponents of the Bandh and almost all killed in the violence were dalits. The statues and busts of dalit icons like Babasaheb Ambedkar and Periyar Ramaswami are disfigured and desecrated everyday under the watchful eyes of the administration and the civil society. PM Narendra Modi and his associates do not let go any occasion to state that his government has done all for the empowerment of dalit communities and has honoured Ambedkar more than anybody else. Dalits don’t like this ‘patronizing attitude’ at all. Dalits are not interested in clamouring for undue favours but in the rightful and equal share in the pie. Yet another clear sign of dalit assertion is the revolt of many vocal and silent MPs of the ruling party by aligning themselves with the dalit protest and agitation. It is something alien to the political set-up and is a welcome trend. Let the governments and the society do their best to implement honestly the empowering and affirmative provisions to help the weaker sections of the society rather than befooling the masses to take advantage of their strength as vote banks. Babasehab Ambedkar, who figured nowhere in the political and social reckoning, not long before, has become a darling of all, all of a sudden. Let it be, but let us be honest and diligent in addressing the issues agitating the dalit masses.

मस्जिद तो बना दी शब्ब  भर में ईमान की हरारत वालों ने;
मन अपना पुराना पापी है बरसों से नमाज़ी बन सका !


With a heavy heart and a sense of remorse: – Where are the Administration and the Media? Who will bring the rogues to book? For how long dalits would tolerate this? Where are the political parties who are falling on each other to own the legacy of Babasaheb Ambedkar? If dalits would respond to this non-sense, it would be immediately condemned as “Dalit Hinsa” by the so-called free and fair Media and the Thekedars of the society. Today, April 8, one of the Bhagat TV Channels in a debate on Dalit Assertion in its programme “Taal Thok Ke” found blaming and instigating the political outfits to term the recent violence as “Dalit Goondagardi”. It was the height of shamelessness on the part of self-righteous media

Please see a clip getting viral on the social media. Only the wearer knows where the shoe is pinching.


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