Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The first phase of Anna's Movement against corruption and for the stronger and effective Jan Lokpal is over. It was a success in bringing the issues involved into focus. It was a great satisfaction that the agitation which had a pan-India appeal was peaceful. The Government and the Parliament was made to take a due note of it and act accordingly. The media, to my mind, did not have much else to do and went over board in projecting the Movement where as this important organ of the system was expected to do its job with more objectivity and unbiasedly. Nevertheless, democracy is a process which shall continue. I would like to comment on, in the process, a development which has been termed as a " Game Changer ."

General Secretary of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi made a statement in the Lok Sabha on August 26 on the issues of corruption and the Lokpal with reference to Anna's agitation. Rahul Gandhi did not speak on the subject before his statement in the Lok Sabha, in spite of the fact that the Government led by his Party was finding itself in a tight corner in dealing with the Anna's Movement. The crux of his statement was centred on something new which did not find mention in the controversy or debate so far. Rahul Gandhi said "Madam Speaker, why not elevate the debate and fortify the Lok Pal by making it a Constitutional body accountable to Parliament like the Election Commission of India." It is not a bad idea but why did Rahul Gandhi thought that he should say something new and out of the blue ? Outside the Parliament after his speech, Rahul himself termed the speech a " Game Changer". Let us see that how far it goes ?
There was yet said to be another " Game Changer " act on the late evening of August 26. It was by a prominent member of the Team Anna, Kiran Bedi. While speaking from the Manch of the Ramlila Maidan, Kiran Bedi all of a sudden became hyper. She grabbed a scarf ( Gamsha) of a volunteer on the stage and started ridiculing the politicians by mimicking a veiled ( Ghoonghat) lady. She accused politicians of wearing "several masks.' When questioned on the purpose of such an action by a responsible member of the Anna Team and the so called civil society, She also termed it as a " Game Changer." She also claimed that her act got the attention of the opposition leaders, particularly of the BJP, and helped resolve the impasse between Anna Hazare and the Government on the issue of Jan Lokpal. Let us see that how many ' Game Changers' come on the way.
I was not very clear on the exact meaning of the " Game Changer " myself. The inter-net search gave me the following definition of a ' Game Change " A person who is a visionary ". The Investopedia further explained:
1. A game changer has new and different ideas that stand out from the crowd. This person has an idea that completely changes the way a situation develops. Companies employ this tactic to create ideas or events that change the outcome of a plan.
2. A visionary strategist uses creative innovation to alter their business plans, or conceives an entirely new plan by exploring new locations and different products.
I would rather leave it here with the hope that Om Puri, a renowned actor and Swami Agnivesh, the erstwhile member of the Anna Team may also not claim to be ' Game Changers 'in the forthcoming scenario.

'Who can say how the people of India and their political parties will behave? A bad constitution can work well, if the people involved are good, and a good constitution will turn out to be bad if the people working on it are bad '
(An excerpt of the concluding speech B R Ambedkar delivered as Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee on the floor of the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949).


  1. Dr. B.R Ambedkar had spoken the universal true lines. If the constitution is bad & the people involved are good, it can work well...But the case is very rare. I must mention...Inida's constitution is the world's best constitution. Our constitution makers have taken care of each & every word written in it, so that it should not violate any other word or line written in our constitution. Amendments can be made...BUT with some procedure. According to me, the procedure followed both by Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare is not proper. Anna Hazare wants each & every worker of govt. to come under LOKPAl which is not possible because there are may govt. officers which are not answerable to people.

    Taking an example of judiciary...Judiciary is independent as written in our constitution..how can it come under Lokpal???

    So, lets change the game....this is playing true politics...hahaha