Thursday, May 13, 2010

Addendum - The Panch Sheel in Diplomacy

I wrote ' the panch sheel in diplomacy ' on april 10, 2010 in my blog. Some more relevant information has come to light. Shri Ashok Parthasarthy, who was the Scientific Advisor to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, wrote in ' Nehru - the other side Revealed ' in the magazine ' Defence & Security Alert ' ( October 2009 issue ) that Jawaharlal Nehru revealed his mind in March 1958 to Shri G. Parthasarthy, who was appointed as India's Ambassador to China. It goes like this as written by Shri G. Parthasarthy in his diary:


So G.P., when has the foreign office told you Hindi Chini bhai-bhai ? Don't you believe it. I don't trust the Chinese one bit, despite Panchsheel and all that. The Chinese are arrogant, devious, hypocritical and thoroughly unreliable.


It is self explanatory.

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