Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Contemporary Dalit Heroes - Ms. Mamta Sodha

The social landscape in India is changing, of late, and rightly so. The hitherto weaker sections of the society are slowly getting empowered to match, compete and belong to the main stream of the society. it is a matter of great satisfaction.

It has been reported today, May 24, 2010 that Ms. Mamta Sodha of Kaithal town of Haryana, a dalit young lady, has scaled the mighty Mount Everest. Ms. Sodha is a lecturer at a college in Kurukshetra. She is a trained in mountaineering as a member of the National Adventure Club and an alumnus of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttarkhand. She is a keen player of Handball and represents the Kurukshetra University at various sports events. Mamta deserves to congratulated and felicitated on her great achievement. Her mother, Ms.Mewa Devi, and others members of the family have also earned due recognition for providing encouragement and support to the worthy daughter of the family.

It is good to note that the authorities in the Haryana administration and also business people like Shri Naveen Jindal, Member of Parliament of the area extended financial help in the process of Mamta's mission. Let us hope that others learn from this and help the up-coming young people of the weaker sections of the society in pursuit of high goals. It will further strengthen our democratic credentials.

The fete of Mamta attains greater importance as it would tend to send positive and right signals to the Khap Panchayats and the caste ridden society of Haryana. The young girls of the society at large and those of the dalit community would look towards Ms. Mamta Sodha as a contemporary hero and get inspired.


  1. We are all waiting for the day when our society will provide equal opportunities for everyone. Ms. Mamta Sodha is one of the great heroes emerging from the weaker segment of our society. Her family and the social system have indicated positive attitude. The flicker of change in the dark atmosphere is welcomed.

  2. thanks. i have decided to write more on the contemporary heroes. if you have some ideas, i would welcome these.

  3. Today I met Mamta ji,
    It was a great pleasure that Govt of india has recognised her feet and awarded her with "padam Vibhushan". All Congrates to Mamta Ji. We are proud of you.
    satbir singh 09416054685

  4. Nice ramesh ji today these types of encouragements are very much required so that there occur a attitude change in the society n society will go more towards egalitarianism.. 9896433886