Sunday, April 18, 2010

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i remained somewhat busy in connection with the visit to minsk by hon'ble chief justice of india k.g. balakrishnan, an embodiment of simplicity and the 'rangoli' - a concert of indian dance and music which the embassy of india in minsk arranged on april 17 fully casted and performed by the local belarusian talent. the concert was well received. there is a lot of interest in indian dance and music in belarus. thanks to bollywood.

just to share something more with you, i quote some recent interesting takes which i read:

i) prime minister manmohan singh talking to press- ' we are to realise that our real problems are at home. whether removing poverty, illiteracy and disease or uniting politically. we need to get our act together quickly'.

ii) ambassador ishrat aziz in a recently launched publication 'diplomatic square' - ' three things are easy to start but you have no control on maintaining them to the end: a war, a business and an affair'.

iii) communist leader sitaram yechury: - though the reformers like ambedkar, mahatma phule and periyar fought for social equality yet the impact could not not be sustained. social change will not occur by change of heart alone, it needs economic empowerment'.

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