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Uppsala Revisited - Domkyrkan

Uppsala Revisited - Domkyrkan

As I wrote in my earlier blogs, I came to Stockholm to be with my son Naresh for the Studenten (School Graduation) ceremony of my granddaughter Pallavi. The parents of my daughter-in-law Anju are also here for the same purpose.
With Jimmy (Vivek) at Donkyrkan
Yesterday, June 16, we went to Uppsala for twin purposes of sightseeing in the company of my Sambandhies Bimla and Ram Saran and the studenten reception of Aishwarya daughter of a close family friend, Jaya and Vijay Gupta. Though I had visited Uppsala many a times during the course of my diplomatic assignment with the Embassy of India in early 1990s and my subsequent visits to Sweden yet it was pleasure to visit Uppsala again with the family, a beautiful city famous for its university and research facilities for pharmacology and biotechnology. My grandchildren Pallavi and Arvind also have had their primary schooling in Uppsala and were fully nostalgic about that while helping us as our standby guides.

Our first stop in Uppsala was the famous cathedral, Domkyrkan located between the main building of Uppsala University and the Fyris river. It is a late 13th century majestic structure thoughtfully built in the heart of the town. Uppsala Kyrkan, 389 feet, is the tallest church of the Nordic region.
With Naresh at Domkyrkan
The historical site was the seat of coronation of Swedish monarchs in good old days and also hosted the tombs of many of them and their spouses. Given the importance and its historical background, Uppsala Kyrkan also hosts memorials of archbishops and contemporary personalities, cream of Swedish intelligentia, from scientific and social circles like Dag Hammarsjöld, former Secretary General of the UN. The visit revived my cherished memories of Sweden. The visit was not only relaxing but educative too.

Later in the evening, we attended the studenten reception of Aishwarya, that too hosted in a reception hall of a church located in the lush green vicinity in the outskirts of Uppsala, with an enjoyable company of old and new friends. As usual, the studenten event was full of fun and frolic and emotions with drinks and food in abundance. The green and clean countryside was impressive which was liked by our guests Ram Saran and family particularly Jimmy, a jovial but very responsible youngman.

Earlier in the day in the morning, Anju, vivacious and caring hostess, drove me and her father Ram Saran Sahib to a beautiful and scenic waterfront at a  nearby Norrviken lake in Uppland Väsby, a calm and quiet suburb of Stockholm. Our
With Ram Saran and Arvind at Norviken
cosy abode is located here. The cool breeze in a sunny morning was enticing soothing. Ram Saran Sahib was happy and appreciative and commented that it was satisfying to see that their daughter was living in Swarag (Heaven). Anju nodded in agreement and said that in Swedish language Sweden is written as ‘Sverige’ which phonetically in Hindi and Punjabi sounded as Swarag.

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