Monday, November 8, 2010


I, alongwith my wife Vidya, came to Stockholm to be with our son Naresh and his lovely family - Anju, Pallavi and Arvind on the Diwali festival. I found Palloo and Abi totally excited. They took extra pains in seeing that we were comfortable in whatever small way they could think and belong to their grand parents. We felt very good. God bless them. They are lovely children.

Now a days, generally, I tend to keep such visits as a private affair but Naresh's circle of friends is good and hospitable and it is just not possible to sit at home. The week of Diwali, obviously, remained fully busy parting and enjoying in and around
Stockholm. We started with a small friendly but impromptu dinner at home on November 3 over a session of cards which is by now is traditional must on the Diwali. Inder & Poonam treated us over a heavy dinner on November 4 at a wonderfully done new villa in the outskirts of Stockholm and we again ended up with a session of cards. The Diwali day, November 5, strated with exchange of greeting on the FaceBook which is increasingly becoming an essential routine. Naresh planned to
take us out for lunch for a change at a Pakistani Dhawa owned by the brother of one of our old friends, Salim and Salma. But it was not to be. Ajay & Anmol, friends of Naresh & Anju insisted to lunch with them to which we could not say no. Ajay thoughtfully ordered some of the dishes from the same Dhawa where we inteded to eat. It was good and we enjoyed the lunch. The after dinner party was hosted by Seema and Stephen, a mixed Indian and Swedish couple with a twin purpose to celebrate Diwali and do the House Warming of their redone villa in Upsala. It was a fair mix of Indians and Swedes. We were happy to see the culutual
mix with Swedes dressed in traditional Indian Kurta Piyjama and Saree. Some of the Swedes both gents and ladies were even playing cards (Indian poker- Teenpati). The Diwali weekend i.e. Novermber 6 and November 7 was fully loaded with further fun. A
nil and Lena, again a mixed couple and long time friends of Naresh and Anju organised a big Diwali dinner. It was good. We could meet many of the friends circles in Stockholm at one go over a good meal. Anil, I know personally, is a good cook himself. Children enjoyed the fire works and we, as usual, ended up with session of Teenpati. It was a good fun. It was a different flavour the next d
ay, a musical evening of traditional songs with Pakistani friends at the residence of Kuldip and Indu. We could meet again a very cultured couple Mushtak and Farida and listen to Khawaza Sisters from Pakistan singing good old Punjabi songs on the beats of Dholak. Anju who herself sings and enjoys joined them and added to the sitting.. The hosts Kulip and Indu, to my surprise, sang almost professionally both as karoke and otherwise. The Diwali week and our short leave turned out to be fully rewarding with a fun filled festive activity. We are grateful to all our hosts and friends of Anju and Naresh for a wonderful time we spent in Stockholm. God bless them all. Ofcourse, Naresh Anju, inspite of their busy schedule, planned our holidays very well.

We will go back to Minsk tomorrow the November 9 with the hope that we will come back again to continue our connection and friendship in the eautiful city of Stockholm.


  1. Wow! That was a very busy vacation period! Full of fun and social mingling. I wish we were there too! Dad you didn't mention "Rexi". Hope to see you and Mom soon.

  2. thanks. it was real fun. yes, i forget rexi, a cute addition.