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Engaging with Ambedkarite and likeminded outfits – International Day of Equality

Engaging with Ambedkarite and likeminded outfits – International Day of Equality

Jai Birdi of Chetna Association of Canada
I have been writing repeatedly over the last more than two months since April 14, birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar on the subject of International Day of Equality. Today, June 20, I have had the occasion to participate in a Web Meeting of Chetna Association of Canada where I was invited to interact with their prominent members on the proposal on International Day of Equality. It was a most educative and productive meeting in which I could meet and interact with the cream of the community living in Canada. I thank Jai Birdi and his associates for this wonderful initiative and wish such occasions would be created in the future by other community organizations not only abroad but in India also. It will not be out of place to mention that Chetna Association of Canada is doing a great job and the result is visible in the Proclamation of the City of Burnaby to declare April 14 as “Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Day of Equality.  Chetna Association has also established a separate Cell in the Association to pursue the proposal of International Day of Equality of which I have been honoured to be the lead functionary
Manjit Bains of Chetna Association of Canada
with Manjit Bains, a staunch Ambedkarite and community activist in Canada.  We rededicate ourselves to do our best to carry forward the caravan. Keeping this in mind, I decided to reach out to the leadership of Ambedkarite and likeminded outfits and urged them to consider, support and pursue the proposal on International Day of Equality appropriately as they deem fit. I may request and urge them to mention, explain and solicit support to the proposal in their public interactions as and when possible. They may consider passing resolutions in support of the proposal and sending to the Government of India through the Minister of External Affairs, Dr. S. Jaishankar at his official E-mail:

The organizations outside India may submit the passed resolutions through the Indian diplomatic/Consular missions abroad for onward transmission to the concerned offices in India. I take the liberty of suggesting and providing a Draft Resolution to facilitate the matter. The Draft Resolution is appended below.

It is possible that many of the organizations may not know the background and details of the proposal to declare April 14, birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, as International Day of Equality. For their knowledge and benefit, I give here a link which will give the basic details and necessary background of the matter:

Subsequent to the issue of the said Roadmap, I have written to EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar under intimation to PM Narendra Modi and other senior Ministers followed by a letter to shortlisted MPs and MLAs and also political and social activists. I also approached some of the spiritual Deras in and around Punjab to seek their support. The civic society, students and intelligentsia were also engaged to involve them in the process. The idea is catching up with the imagination of important segments of the community and
the society at large. The much needed support of the Ambedkarite and likeminded organizations will be highly appreciated. Obviously, the job is too big and a concerted approach of all of us would certainly make a big dent in the decision making process of the Government of India where the proposal is resting since June, 2015 in the Ministry of External Affairs. The legacy and glory of the greatest son of India, Babasaheb Ambedkar is scattered all around. It will be difficult to ignore it any more. In the poetic words of Allama Iqbal:

Uthaye Kuch Waraq Lale Ne, Kuch Nargis Ne, Kuch Gul Ne
Chaman Mein Har Taraf Bikhri Huwi Hai Dastan Meri

Some leaves were picked up by the tulip, some by the narcissus, some by the rose
My story is scattered around everywhere in the garden

Urha Li Qumriyon Ne, Tootiyon Ne, Andleebon Ne
Chaman Walon Ne Mil Kar Loot Li Tarz-e-Faghan Meri

The turtle‐doves, parrots, and nightingales pilfered away
The garden’s denizens jointly robbed away my plaintive way

Draft Resolution


We at the_______________________________(Please fill in the name of your association/organization)

Hereby resolve to support the proposal to declare April 14, birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, as International Day of Equality made by Ambassador Ramesh Chander to the Minister of External Affairs of the Government of India in June 12, 2015 which was duly acknowledged by the Joint Secretary (UNES) of the MEA vide his letter No. UII/151/8/2005 dated August 6, 2015 and duly taken up by Speaker Charanjit Singh Atwal with PM Nraendra Modi vide his letter dated May 3, 2016 as we consider that the proposal is important and timely not only to honour the greatest son of India but also to contribute positively to the lofty goal of establishing a just and equitable world order.

Hereby urge the Government of India to kindly consider and make an appropriate demarche to the UN to declare the International Day of Equality for the benefit of the international community and the society at large to recognize and strengthen the principles of Equality and Fraternity much needed for the global peace and prosperity.

Done on…………………..             at……………………….

(Seal and Signature)

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