Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 6

Like other developed countries, people tend to enjoy the week ends in Sweden too, particularly in the summer months. It is quite common to  have lawn/terrace parties till late in the evenings. We enjoyed such a party yesterday, July 12 with Sunil Bruta and his gracious wife Anju. Sunil is a well established business person in Stockholm and is a good friend of my son Naresh. Both Sunil and Anju are very hospitable and humble. They had invited some more friends whose company made all the difference. Kuldip sang a couple of good ghazals like ´mein to mar kar bhi meri jan tujhe chahunga´. Anju, my daughter-in-law thrilled us with melodious punjabi folk songs ´gal muki na sajjan nal meri, rabba be teri ratt muk gai´& ´koka ghadvade be mahia koka´. Anju Bruta, the kind hostess, recited good poetry like her father Dogra Sahib. I also got inspiration from the poetic atmosphere and recited some Urdu and Punjabi poetry of Allhama Iqbal and Charan Singh Safri.  It was a wonderful evening. As said earlier, the quality of life of the Indian community in Sweden is better than many other countries and on that account it is respected in the local Swedish circles.

Like other European societies, people tend to get up late on Sundays. We tended to follow the system. One of our colleagues Vijay Chauhan, who is currently working with the Indian Embassy, and his very hospitable and homely   wife Vandana invited us for a good lunch. We worked together in the Indian Embassy in Prague some years before. There we  were used play Teenpati (cards) on family get-togethers .  Keeping that in mind, he also arranged for a long Teenpati session which we enjoyed. Keeping in line with the social system in India, these kind of activities have been abandoned by us after my retirement. Vijay and his wife always show lot of respect and regard to us which we gratefully appreciate. There is good tradition with our Embassies to bid farewell to the departing colleagues on transfers and welcome to the new arrivals. Vijay utilized the occasion to bid farewell to Uma Kant who has been transferred back to Delhi and his  successor Preet. I wish them all the best in the years to come.

By now my blogs in my stockholm diary must have given the pleasant message that life in Sweden is good and enjoyable. 

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