Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 12

My morning walk view
Over the weekend good summer days remained. People were out on the water fronts, grill parties in the lawns and balconies of their residences, open car rides with loud music, beer sessions in open air restaurants to enjoy themselves. Unlike we in India, Stockholmerna know how to enjoy their semesters (vacations). They recharge their batteries during the summer time and work with renewed energy susequently. I think it is one of the reasons of their continued success.

On Friday, July 25, we passed through the famous Sveavägen in down town Stockholm in the evening. There were hundreds of vintage beauties (cars) of different models, colors, shapes along with the latest costly cars parked on the road sides. It was interesting to see these beauties at one go. I was told that it was a well kept ritual to bring these vintage cars to town for exhibition and fun in summer months.

Teenpati session with Surekha and Rajesh Sood
From Sveav√§gen we headed for a dinner appointment. Surekha and Rajesh Sood, good friends of Anju and Naresh, hosted for us, along with some more common friends, a good dinner at their beautiful apartment in Solna, Stockholm. The intermission, after the round of starters and snacks, resulted in an impromptu session of Teenpati (cards). It was a good change particularly for my wife Vidya who generally tends to look for such opportunities to have some fun and relax herself. As usual we enjoyed Surekha and Rajesh´s hospitality. It was a good dinner. They are a humble but down to earth wise couple. 

Grill at Poonam and Inderpal villa
As I said earlier that our friends and well wishers are keeping us busy over lunches and dinners. Poonam and Inderpal Singh again invited us to their beautiful villa on July 26 for a grill party. We had been to their home some days before for a good breakfast with hot Cholle-Bhature. Both of them are warm and friendly. It is always a pleasure to be with them. It was a marvelous evening with plates full with instantly grilled fresh vegetables, sweet corn, kababs, chicken drum sticks and good drinks to gulp these down. I am happy to note that the friends circle of Anju and Naresh is really good and caring. The weekend is not yet over and we are to catch up with yet another good dinner to night. Our hosts have already sounded us that they would love to play Teenpati with us to liven the party. We look forward to the evening.

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