Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 11

Today, July 23, It is unusually warm, 32 degree Celsius, in Stockholm. I am told that the concerned authorities have issued an advisory that old people and children should avoid out door activities in the sun. For us it is pleasant as compared to India. I take walks in the nearby woods, pick  and eat cherries from the fruit laden four five cherry tree in front of our residence and laze around on the rear deck with a drink. Naresh and Anju and also our grand children Pallavi and Arvind take lot of care and ensure our comfort. We feel good. Naresh took us to a large shop of golf goods to make purchases for his newly initiated golf lessons. Swedes love to play golf in summer and excellent facilities exist for the game. I was surprised that how these big and costly stores survive as the winter and snowy season is long and golf cannot be played. I was told that these stores remained viable. People go to other countries like Spain for the game golf. We tried our hand for the first time with the golf clubs at the store.

Ajay Pal, a friend of Naresh, invited us to a grill evening in the fully manicured rear lawns of his beautiful villa. The fruit laden apple and plum trees provided the required shade in the sunny warm evening. It was wonderful. We enjoyed the   party with grilled chicken drum sticks, mutton kababs, korvs (hot dogs), Paneer and assorted vegetables and fine wines and good whiskies to gulp along with some other common friends. Ajay, son of a retired Superintendent of Police, is a successful business person from Hoshiarpur. I found both Ajay and his gracious wife Anmol very hospitable and humble. We wish them all the best in the years to come.

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