Thursday, November 12, 2020

Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth


Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth

Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth is a registered NGO as a Charity organization to carry forward the mission and philosophy of the great Guru Ravidass ji Maharaj with a view to bring about ‘samrasta’ in the society as visualized by our forefathers and stipulated in the constitution of India.  Ever since its inception and formation, my friends and other community activists, have been informally associating me with the Mahapeeth considering my open ended approach to support the good activities undertaken by anyone for the welfare of the weaker and marginalized sections of the society, irrespective of their political affiliations. Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth professes to be a non-political outfit but it was clear to me that it was backed and supported by the RSS and

BJP and their allies. Still I decided, though I am an apolitical man, to be in their touch for the good of the society as the mission and philosophy of Guru Ravidass is as relevant today as it was before in the context of ‘Samrasta” and ‘Equality, Justice and Fraternity”, the lofty ideals of Babasaheb Ambedkar for the socio-economic well being of the country and the society at large.  Another factor which worked at the back of my mind, when consciously I continued to relate myself with the Mahapeeth, was that the community lacked a well oiled mechanism to carry forward the agenda of the community to integrate it with the main stream of the society and such an outfit was much needed. I thought Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth would fill that vacuum, created and supported knowingly or otherwise by the ‘Derawad” which tended to generate divisive tendencies, under the aegis of well established and well to do organizations as RSS/BJP among others. At this juncture, I only hope Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth would provide a much needed platform to the followers of Guru Ravidass all over world to stand and unite to vouch for the interests of the community as a ‘watchdog’ and a ‘pressure group’ to interact with governments/administrations of the day.

The Punjab chapter of Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth held their first formal meeting to announce its organizational set on November 10, 2020 in Jalandhar. National General Secretary, Rajesh Bagha and Punjab head of the Mahapeeth, Manjit Bali invited me the meeting as a ‘Sarprasth’ or supporter of the Mahapeeth and I humbly accepted the invitation. It was a well organized event at a prestigious

venue at Hotel Kamal Grand as I wished to see and explained above. It was not a public meeting as such only senior functionaries and newly appointed office bearers from all over Punjab participated in it. Some important observers and well wishers of the community like Former Chief Parliamentary Secretary Avinash Chander among others were also present in the meetings. The function started with the traditional ceremony of lighting of lamp and offerings of flowers to Guru Ravidass and Maharishi Valmik. Manjit Bali welcomed the guests and the participants and set the ball in motion by starting the self introduction of all the newly appointed office bearers. It was good to note that it represented cross sections of the community from all over Punjab. It was, to my mind, a good beginning. National Secretary General of the Mahapeeth Rajesh Bagha congratulated the new team of the Mahapeeth and said that he was confident that they would deliver and succeed in uniting the community for the larger good of the society. Vijay Pal, a senior functionary of the Vishva Hindu Parishad committed all support to the Mahapeeth in promoting the lofty philosophy of the great Guru Ravidass ji. National Secretary General of the Mahapeeth, Suraj Bhan Kararia spoke with conviction and said that the Mahapeeth had already acquired a due space in the system in a short time of its establishment and gave a few examples like its reprehensive role in the Tughlakabad Mandir of Guru Ravidass ji in Delhi and added that we would see to it a grand and befitting Mandir would be built as a solemn tribute to the Sant Shiromani Guru Ravidass. He also said that it was a matter of gratification that the current government of PM Narendra Modi considered favorably the suggestions made by the Mahapeeth in appointing SCs to some of the high constitutional posts. Kataria Sahib also announced the appointment of Former MoS Vijay Sampla as the International Vice President and Ambassador Ramesh Chander as the International Spokesman of the Mahapeeth. On his turn, Vijay Sampla Sahib made an impressive and emotional speech and accepted his new assignment in the Mahapeeth. He underlined the fact that we, the so called dalits, had given the family and social life and values to the country and the humanity at large in the form of Mahabharata by Ved Vyas and Ramayana by Maharishi Valmik and added that in the contemporary times Babasaheb Ambedkar gave us the constitution to run the country. He cajoled the community to be proud of this and assert themselves for their rights. Ambassador Ramesh Chander in his brief remarks humbly accepted his nomination as International Spokesman of the Mahapeeth and said it was his pleasure to associate and work, as an apolitical person, with Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth with an open mind in the efforts to bring about ‘samrasta’ in the society as visualized by Guru Ravidass in his message – Keh Ravidass Khalas Chamara; Jo Hum Sehri so Meet Hamara. National President of the Mahapeeth, MLA of Uttrakhand Suresh Rathore in his presidential remarks thanked the newly appointed office bearers and said that we all will strive to make Shree Guru Ravidass Vishva Mahapeeth under the stewardship of MP Dushyant Gautam a world-class organization to promote and spread the lofty mission and philosophy of Guru Ravidass and Bhagwan Valmik not only in India but also in the entire world. He endorsed the proposal of Rajesh Bagha that the 650th Gurpurab of Guru Ravidass which would fall in the second half of the next decade will be celebrated with all gaiety and solemnity as a befitting tribute to the great Guru with 650 events/functions during the year and asked the office bearers of the Mahapeeth to prepare and get ready for these celebrations. Explaining the rationale of setting up the Mahapeeth he said that we meant “Samvaad” and not Vivaad” to intergrate dalits to the main stream of the society. Welcoming Ambassador Ramesh Chander’ association with the Mahapeeth, he said that there were many IAS, IPS and others with us and it was a matter of satisfaction that now Punjab has given us an IFS, an acclaimed diplomat to work with the Mahapeeth.  The function was concluded with the Aarti of Guru Ravidass – Naam Tero Aarti Majan Murare invoking the blessings of Guru Ravidass followed by a good working luncheon.

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