Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My Wishful Thinking - Guru Ravidass Mandir at Tughlakabad – An Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi

My Wishful Thinking - Guru Ravidass Mandir at Tughlakabad – An Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi

Respected PM Narendra Modi,

This is in continuation of my earlier three open letters on the issue of Guru Ravidass Mandir at Tughlakabd in Delhi which were sent to you through PMO and other policy and decision makers including the Lt. Governor of Delhi and Hon’ble Minister of Urban Development Hardip Singh Puri among others. I take the liberty of writing a wishful letter on the subject while a huge protest by the followers of Guru Ravidass is underway on this day of August 21 in Delhi. What prompted me to write this is your penchant for giving surprises and steal the show quietly and stealthily as ‘Out of the Box’ decisions needed to governor and deliver. I am, Sir, one of your well wishers and I write it as a compliment to your sagacious leadership.

The demolition of Guru Ravidass Mandir at Tughlakabad, whatever the background, to my mind, has greatly perturbed the followers of Guru Ravidass and the dalit communities at large. They are up-in-arms on the issue. Your political opponents and other vested interests have come together to exploit the situation. As of now, as I know, GOI seems to be in a quandary as to what to do or the concerned decision makers are over-confident to kill the problem in one way or the other. But I must hasten to add that, to my mind, situation is going out of hands increasingly. The hapless dalit youth is prone to succumb to the nefarious designs of the anti-national forces that are eager to turn the situation to their advantage. PM Sir, I am sure that you have access to all the relevant information. I need not dwell on it any more.

Now I come to the wishful part of my submissions. You are a leader by your own right. Your government has the honour to enjoy a huge majority in the parliament.  Dalits including the followers of Guru Ravidass clearly supported you and your party in the recent elections. Many of us, like me, are willing to join your lofty programme of – Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Viskas and Sab Ka Vishwas and also the lofty ideals of “Samrasta” in the society. You should not be seen sitting tight while a large chunk of the society is forced to be on the road in protest that too not only outside but under the nose of the government in Delhi. No fair minded person, particularly belonging to the under-privileged, would tend to support this. The time is of essence. You would appreciate and agree. A huge crowd of lakhs and lakhs of followers are assembled in Delhi today. Come out please and address their concern publically as you deem fit. Either go to Ram Lila grounds personally breaking all protocols and hesitations or invite the stake-holders to PMO or your residence. Give them a hearing and offer them a solution to the problem to save the situation and bring about harmony and peace in the society. Your sagacious and thoughtful action in this regard will send a strong message and go a long way in assuaging the ruffled sentiments of the community. They will come back satisfied to their homes chanting “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai” This healing touch will further strengthen the principles and edifice of our democratic country and a humane society as stipulated in our constitution.

As the time is running out, I have no time to go through and correct the mistakes in my letter. I am confident that my submissions would find a fair consideration at your hands and the followers of Guru Ravidass would get the chance to thank you for your right approach and mind.

With personal regards and all the best wishes for your good health and further success.
Yours truly,
(Ramesh Chander)
Ambassador – IFS (Retired)
Tele: 9988510940

Shri Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi