Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PUNJAB ELECTIONS – FRIENDLY SUPPORT to Some of the Candidates – 2


I wrote yesterday about Hardev Kaur of Jalandhar Cantonment constituency. Today I write about another young friend Pawan Tinu in the fray from Adampur constituency on the SAD ticket. I support and endorse the candidature of Pawan Tinu, a resident of Khurla Kingra in Jalandhar where I have also taken up my residence at the Silver Residency Apartments. It was good of him that on learning that I have come back to Jalandhar after my retirement he paid us a courtesy visit at our small flat about two months before. I found him spirited and keen, as always, to serve the community as best as he could do.

Pawan Tinu is a young and educated face of the community. From his college days in the 70s, Pawan remained at the fore front for the community causes as a grass root worker. He was a close confidant of Babu Kanshi Ram and Behan Maywati when he started his political and public career as the Sarpanch of Khurla Kingra. I am told by my brother Paramjit that Pawan is a good orator and is a thinking public figure. He could make his name by associating himself fully with the public and their needs. Pawan contested a few unsuccessful elections on the BSP bandwagon but parted company with BSP due to policy differences. The SAD gladly embraced him as he was a popular leader of his own standing. The SAD-BJP government even accommodated him and made him the Chairman of the Punjab SC & ST Finance & Land Development Corporation. He did good work in the Corporation particularly for financing the needy students to pursue higher education. I wrote about this in my blog on this and recognized Pawan’s contribution in this regard.

Ironically, Pawan Tinu is pitted against two of his erstwhile colleagues in the BSP. One of them seems to be keen and young but is a novice as far as I can make out. The other is an old horse but appears to be a spent force. He seems to be concerned only with himself. The community requires a good representative. I think Pawan Tinu fits the bill. We shall support him. I wish Pawan Tinu all the best


  1. Pawn Tinu has sold the Bahujan movement made painstaking by the small workers for greed and consideration in the hands of feudal and dynastic rulers and that has happened when a great popular support was built by the workers for BAHUJAN movement in Jalandhar. With impetus and persistence, history could have been created by winning Jalandhar Parliamentary constituency but greedy TINU fell on feudal and dynastic bandwagon. Shame on him, he needs utmost condemnation rather than support and applause. He is a traitor of first order.