Wednesday, August 26, 2015


All India Backward (SC, ST  & OBC) and Minority Communities Employees Federation – BAMCEF is a non-political outfit of the under-privileged. It was started in 1971 and after crossing the organizational rigors was finally launched on December 6, 1978. The founding fathers of BAMCEF – Babu Kanshi Ram, D.K. Khaparde, Ram Khobragade among others stipulated that the main objective of the organization was to bring about ‘Vyavasta Parivartan’ (Systemic Transformation) in the society at large as visualized in the mission and philosophy of Jyotiba Phule and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and also of Periyar Ramaswamy Naicker. They thought that since it was an organization of the educated section of the dalit and less-privileged, it should work as a “Think Tank” of the weaker sections of the society. It was a laudable effort. As expected, BAMCEF really became an effective mouthpiece of dalits and OBCs and was recognized as a potent force. The emerging political scenario in the country attracted Babu Kanshi Ram to jump into active politics and he floated BSP in 1987. Some divisive elements, either on their own or on encouragement from the forces which were against the BAMCEF, came in with their own agenda. The resultant outcome, to my mind, obviously weakened the movement and the organization. BAMCEF which was a force to reckon with is a divided house now. It is a pity.

As a community activist, after my retirement from my diplomatic
Addressing BMCEF Meet at Ludhiana
career, I came into contact with a few active members of BAMCEF namely Dr. Balkar Chand, Dr. Mohan Mehmi, Prof. Akshay Jilowa, and Jagdish Virdi among others and they started inviting me to their functions. I accepted this association with pleasure with a view to educate myself and add a bit to the movement professing to carry forward the agenda and legacy of Babasaheb Ambedkar. I participated in the annual function of the Punjab Chapter of BAMCEF at Nehru Sidhant Kendra at Ludhiana on August 23, 2015 as Chief Guest. Earlier, some two years ago, they were kind enough to invite me to their annual function at Jalandhar as a Guest of Honour. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends in BAMCEF for the honour bestowed on me. In the process, I stand to benefit myself.

As I said, BAMCEF, as I see, is a divided house. But still there is a
With Waman Meshram and others at BAMCEF Meet at Ludhiana
lingering hope to set the matters right. I met the National President of BAMCEF Waman Meshram twice in these functions. Waman Meshram is a highly motivated and thoroughly dedicated young leader to carry the weight of BAMCEF on his shoulders. He is a capable and knowledgeable leader of the community.  I wish him all the best in his onerous task to bring about systemic change and dismantle ‘Brahamnical Social Order’ to carry forward the Phule-Ambedkar legacy. I was impressed by the annual meeting of August 23 at Ludhiana. The auditorium was full to capacity. I was told that there were hundreds of highly placed professionals and technocrats in the orderly and receptive audience.  I could feel the spirit of Ambedkar and his caravan. Let us take that caravan forward and attain the goal of ‘Political Power’ to its rightful heirs. I concluded my brief speech with a couplet:

तू पहले बात फिर बात का अंदाज पैदा कर;
फिर दुनिआ  में तुझे कोई नज़र अंदाज कर नहीं सकता!

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