Monday, August 4, 2014

My Stockholm Diary - 18

Country side trip

It, August 4, is a bright sunny day in Stockholm. The mercury, around 35 degree Celsius, is higher than usual. People are happy as the summer this time is exceptionally good. We would tend to have some rest and sleep as for the last three days we return from dinners past midnight. Though it is lot of fun yet it is tiring. 

At Neelu & Anil Narula Home
Yesterday, August 3, evening was a wonderful time with our old friends Neelu and Anil Narula, a hospitable couple. We enjoyed the evening with other common friends. The food was excellent. We knew that it will be so as Neelu is an accomplished cook herself. Anil was generous, as always, and drinks flowed uninterrupted. The men folk played the game called Kupp in the lawns of their beautiful villa followed by a long seesion of Teenpati. It was a lovely evening which we will cherish for long. 

My colleague and successor in Minsk (Belarus), Ambassador Manoj Bharti is in Stockholm on a private visit to see around. I am scheduled to meet him at the Indian Embassy in the afternoon. I have wished to to commute by train and tunnelbana ( Metro) to renew our experience. Anju , who has been all support and care, will accompany us to down town Stockholm by train from Rotebro. God bless her.

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