Friday, June 15, 2012

The LIFE goes on

It is 43 years today since I got married to Vidya on June 15, 1969. I was still a student in the final year of university graduation. On my insistence, on account of my economic and educational status, our parents agreed to wait, as per the tradition at that time, for the ‘Muklava’ (compulsory waiting for the conjugation of marriage). I got my first job in the Ministry of External Affairs in March 1970 and shifted to Delhi. Vidya and me started living as husband wife after the ceremony of Muklava on April 20, 1971. We ordinary people and there is not much to write about our life. Still it is a matter of gratification that it is ‘so far so good’.

Generally, we don’t tend to celebrate anniversaries of our birth and marriage etc. I thought of wrting about our marriage today on an unintentional reminder from my friend Ram Lal Kainth. Yesterday, Ram Lal gave me a photograph taken taken on my marriage day at Nawanpind (Jattan), my sasural with my young friends. Since I don’t have any other photograph of my marriage, I would keep the photo given by Ram Lal in my cherished memory and possession.

The long 43 years remained hectic but rewarding time for us. After our Muklava in 1971, we remained almost together in Delhi and various countries to pursue my diplomatic career. In diplomatic career, particularly in the Indian parlence, the lady of the house plays an important role to complement the diplomat. I remained lucky to have Vidya with me who always stood by me. She has also been my strength in my social and family responsibilitis. Thank you Vidya. I count on you.

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