Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side

     CORONA is not a laughing matter – The lighter side

Corona Virus – Covid – 19 has engulfed the whole world. As of today, March 31, 2020 more than 10 lakh people have been found positive and more than 30,000 have lost their lives. Many countries, both in the developed and developing world, are living in lockdown or even curfew. People are living in confinement and isolation as required and advised by the medical experts and the
administrations. There is no option. We are to live with the situation to fight the deadly virus. While confined in their homes, some people are providing a lighter side of the situation both by way of cutting jokes and giving some funny and interesting messages. There is no harm as long as we take care of the sensitivities of our fellow citizens and maintain the social harmony. I thought of collating some these inputs for the benefit of people confined to their homes to fight the Covid -19 laughingly.

1. कोरोना से लड़ने के लिए अमेरिका ने भारत से माँगे 10 लाख थाली-चमचे, मोदी बोले... इन्हे बजाने के लिए जाहिल कहा से लाओगे...🤔😂

2.  👈🏿21 दिन 24 घंटे बीबी के साथ गुजरना क्या होता है ।तुम क्या जानो

नरेंद्र बाबू

3.   बाहर  पुलिस का डंडा और घर पे बीबी की ज़ुबान;

सालो चीनवालो तुम्हे माफ़ नहीं करेगा हिन्दोस्तां !

4.कोरोना वायरस को तो बाद में देख लेंगे। पहले उन पंडितों को पकड़ो , जिन्होंने १५ अप्रैल ताल शादिओं के महूरत निकले थे !

I rest here for today with this couplet:

खुदा जाने यह दुनिया गहनाज़ है किसकी ; 

हज़ारों उठ गये मगर वही रौनक है महफ़िल में!

Postscriptript:- I will be happy if my readers and friends could send me something interesting and funny on the Conrona Virus and its fallout to lighten the grim situation to ward us off the tensions creeping in.

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