Monday, July 16, 2018

Visit to Gurudwara Bibi Nanki ji in Stockholm

Visit to Gurudwara Bibi Nanki ji in Stockholm

I am on a visit to Stockholm (Sweden) to be with my son Naresh and his family. Yesterday, on a hot sunny day, my daughter-in-law, who is ordained and inclined to be spiritual and god fearing, planned a visit to a nearby Gurudwara Bibi Nanki ji in the greens in the vicinity of Uppland Våsby where we reside in Stockholm. She checked with me and Naresh
At Gurudwara  Bibi Nanki Ji
whether we were interested to join her. There was nothing much to do and decided to go with her to the Gurdwara. In fact, some two weeks before when her parents, Bimla and Ram Saran, were also here in Stockholm with us, she wanted to take us to yet another bigger place, Gurudwara Sangat Sahib at Tullinge in the outskirts of Stockholm but we could not make it because of inhospitable weather on that day.

Our visit to Bibi Nanki Ji Gurdwara was rewarding and satisfying. It is housed in an old summer house as a makeshift arrangement to meet the spiritual needs of Sikhs and Punjabis in around the area. The Gurdwara opens on Sundays or on some special festive occasions only. It is run and managed by voluntary contributions both financial and physical by the Punjabi enthusiasts to meet their spiritual and social needs in the spirit of a common usage, one Sikh family carries Sri Guru Granth Sahib with them and two Sikh families erect Sri Nishan Sahib and establish a Gurdwara. On our arrival, the Path of Sri Sukhmani Sahib was being recited. We along with others were offered freshly fried hot samosa and delicious besan burfi with good Indian tea by the volunteer sevadars. Slowly more young faithfuls and their families dropped in to swell the gathering of more than 50. After the path of Sri Sukhmani Sahib, Kirtan, recital and singing of Gurbani rendered by the volunteer singers, entertained and benefited the audience and filled the air with spiritual and tranquilizing spirit and rightly so. The volunteers were already at work to prepare the Langar, the community lunch, and volunteer ladies joined the kitchen to make fresh rotis, instant home made bread, to be served in the langar. Later, it was informed by the Bhai Sahib that today's programme including the langar was sponsored by one family to celebrate and pray for the wellbeing of the family. The programme concluded with the Ardash (Prayer), Sabad (Word from the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib) and Parsad (blessed offering of Kada - Prasad). The entire ceremony was solemn and satisfying to the mind and soul. The langar, well freshly prepared simple but wholesome lunch, was served in the true spirit of Sangat and Pangat. It was a rewarding exercise to kindle our souls. It will not be out of place to add that some of the lofty ideals and philosophy of the great Sikh Gurus -  Kirt Kar Band Sak, Sangat Te Pangat, Miri Ate Piri - tend to deliver the message of good living by a common man in these days of strife and tension. Thanks to Anju who made our day.

Chisti Ne Jis Zameen Pe Paigham- e- Haq Sunaia,
Nanak Ne Jis Chaman Mein Vahdat Ka Geet Gaiya;
Mera Watan Wohi Hai; Mera Watan Wohi Hai.

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