Monday, November 21, 2016

AAP has arrived

An Open Letter of an AAM AADMI - AAP has arrived

Dear Voters of Punjab,

I am an Aam Aadmi, a humble member of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) based in Jalandhar, Punjab. On joining AAP in February, 2016, my maiden entry into public life after retirement from a fairly long diplomatic career, I wrote and shared my random thoughts in my blog, as a novice politician. As advised and prompted by the party and also by my own decision, I was one of the aspirants of the party ticket to contest the forthcoming elections in Punjab to be held in the early months of 2017. But I could not make it. Nonetheless, I remain a simple member of AAP, which I joined on my own volition, to serve the society to pay back my debt of gratitude in a small way. I will write occasionally on matters of interest and concern from my personal perspective, in the run up to the elections, with a view to contribute positively to the AAP campaign and to generate public awareness in a transparent manner. Let us participate in this dance of democracy.

The AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal has started today, November 20, his whirlwind tour of Punjab. There is considerable excitement in the political circles. He will remain in Punjab for 10 days and will address more than 20 public meetings. If his meeting at Jalalabad is any indication, I can safely say that the AAP has arrived. He has taken the ruling Akalis head on by declaring that MP Bhagwant Mann will contest against the Akali big-wig Sukhbir Badal from wherever he contests. The decision has electrified the people of Punjab at large and the supporters of AAP in particular. Arvind Kejriwal is all set and determined to bring about the much needed change in the political landscape of Punjab which has been badly tarnished and destroyed by the ruling parties, namely the Congress, the Akalis and the BJP. Let us join hands to support him and AAP, a new party with a vision has appeared on the political firmament of the country. People want change, a good change and AAP has come to fit the bill.

In the media coverage, there are many stories on the elections in Punjab. The Inqalaab Rallies of the AAP in the coming week will warm the cold weather of Punjab. All the parties are busy in wooing dalits by all means at their command with 32% vote share and rightly so. The party who would succeed in attracting them may, in all probability form the next government in Punjab. We would discuss these matters in detail in the coming weeks.

I have been communicating with the AAP bosses in black and white ever since I joined the party in February, 2016 by way of my weekly reports and special dispatches. I have changed the mode a little bit as I feel that transparency is important in a good democratic process. My party also believes in this lofty ideal.
The AAP has arrived and we will make it reach for the benefit and advantage of Punjab and the country at large.

With regards.

Yours truly,

(Ramesh Chander)
Ambassador – IFS (Retired)
Tele: 09988510940

Postscript :

 इक तर्ज़े तुगाफिल है सो वह उनको मुबारक;

इक अर्जे तमना है वह हम करते रहेंगे !

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