Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Some Random Thoughts – AAP Jan Sabhas in Punjab

MP Bhagwant Mann addressing the Sabha

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has arrived in Punjab and it is destined to reach at the first opportunity available in the timeline of the forthcoming elections in Punjab in early 2017. The recently held Jan Sabhas in all the three regions, Majha, Malwa and Doaba, have clearly indicated the mood of the people and have confirmed the findings of the surveys and opinion polls conducted by the expert agencies. People are for change as they stand fed up of the ruling Akali-BJP elite and equally of the runners up and the so called alternative, the Congress Party. Both these groups have lost the confidence and support of the people of Punjab at large. The AAP leadership under the stewardship of Arvind Kejriwal is fully charged and involved in bringing about the much needed ‘Parivartan’ as visualized by our leader Arvind Kejriwal. Through these well organized and attended Jan Sabhas, MPs Bhagwant Mann and Sadhu Singh supported and accompanied by, inter alia, Convener of the AAP in Punjab Sucha Singh Chhottepur, Central Observer Sanjay Singh, star campaigners like Gurpreet Ghuggi, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Santokh Singh Salana and others have raised the curtain of the upcoming events and scenario on the political firmament of Punjab in the coming months. It seems that Punjab is all set for almost a clean sweep by the AAP.

I am also a small cog in the AAP wheel. I contributed my humble
Ramesh Chander adressing the Sabha
bit to the Jan Sabha on April 3 at Basti Guzan on advice and consultation with our political guides, Rajiv Chaudhary, Dr. H.S. Cheema and Sunil Dutt. It is a matter of satisfaction that the Sabha, which was addressed by MP Bhagwant Mann and Santokh Singh Salana, was a great success. The audience listened to the AAP leaders with rapt attention and interest. I was also invited to speak briefly at the Sabha. It was my first speech from a political platform after joining the AAP in the last week of February, 2016. After living a 35 years long career of a faceless diplomat, it was a new but pleasant experience. I was full of emotions. I had my schooling in the area at the Sain Dass School at Basti Nau. I used to roam around in shorts and knickers in Basti Guzan for cost effective stationery and old books from the make shift ‘Kishoo di Hatti’ located under the huge and old banyan tree at the big round about near the Adda Basti Guzan, the venue of the Jan Sabha. After my education, I enjoyed and relished the fruits of Indian Foreign Service (IFS), one of the coveted services of India. Now from the same venue, I was starting my political life to serve the people and society to pay back the debt of gratitude, I owe to them. I could not control myself and expressed my feelings in a charged and choked voice at the Sabha. I am confident that I will get the due public support in the noble task.

With this, I rededicate myself to work hard under the banner of the AAP to realize the vision of our leader Arvind Kejriwal to give power to the people to transform our political democracy into socio-economic democracy as visualized and stipulated by our fore fathers, particularly my idle and icon Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

यह राहें ले ही जांएगी, मंजिल तक, हौसला रख;

कभी सुना है ? अँधेरे ने सवेरा होने दिया !

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