Saturday, September 1, 2012




This week on August 29, I have had an opportunity to visit Sant Baba Bhag Singh Educational Complex at village Khiala near Adampur (famous for an important Indian Air Force base in northern India). Sant Baba Bhag Singh Institute of Engineering & Technology very kindly invited me to speak to the young students of the Institute on any current and relevant theme. On my own, I picked up ‘Emerging India and its Challenges’ as the subject matter of my lecture and interaction with my young audience and members of the faculty and other guests. It was an honour for me to speak at such a prestigious Institution in the area. I only hope I could justice and the lecture and following interaction was useful and mutually benefiticial. I thank Prof. S.S. Saini, Head of Department (ECE) and Prof. Mahesh Chander of the Institute who facilitated my invitation to the speaking engagement.

I was doubly privileged to meet and interact with Sant Baba Malkiat Singh, Patron and Sponsor of Sant Baba Bhag Singh Educational Complex at the lecture. It was an extended honour as I was told that he rarely come for such functions. I found Sant Baba Malkiat Singh an embodiment of humility. He is known as “Bridge Baba” in the area for his tremendous work and strides in doing bridges, roads and other developmental projects in the rural areas in the vicinity of his Dera without any governmental involvement apart from his interest in providing for excellent educational facilities at cost effective basis and also free to the needy and economically weaker sections of the society. I was also informed that Sant Baba Malkiat Singh was equally engaged in providing health care facilities at the grass root level in the region. I salute to Baba Malkiat Singhji and Sant Baba Bhag Singh Memorial Charitable Society which doing excellent work under his stewardship.

It was a pleasure to meet some of the highly placed members of the elite faculty and management of Sant Baba Bhag Singh Educational Complex like Prof Hari Singh, Prof. S.S. Saini, Prof. K.D. Mannan, Principal S.P. Sharma, Lt. General (Retd.) J.S. Dhillon and others. It was gratifying to note that all these highly qualified personnel with considerable experience at their back occupied coveted positions in various institutes of higher education in and around Punjab before their retirement. They are now engaged with Baba Bhag Singh Educational Complex not for material gains but for service to the community. Prof. Mandeep Kaur, a gracious lady, very ably conducted the proceeding of the very well organized lecture. I was informed that the Complex is likely to get the status a university in the near future. I wish Sant Baba Malkiat Singh and his associates all success and further prosperity in the years to come.  It was a rewarding experience for me to be at the Complex.


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