Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is with regard to the match fixing allegations of Vinod Kambli in the World Cup 1996 currently in the news. I have nothing to say as regards the allegations and the resulted reactions, as reported in the media, except the one made by the then Captain of the Indian team Mohd. Azharuddin. Azaruddin said " I THINK KAMLI IS JUST TALKING RUBBISH....HE HAS SHOWED HIS CLASS."

I don't have much knowledge of the game. But as a layman I know Kambli played first class cricket in his days. He is an expert and a well recognised commentator on the game. Azaruddin is also an acclaimed player and remained captain of the Indian team for many years. But his image got tarnished and he remained suspended from the game on account of allegations of wrong doings and match fixing etc. Now my question to Azharuddin is - What class ( of Kambli ) is he talking about ? We all know his class as far as the game is concerned. I presume ( I only wish that I am not correct) that Azharuddin is talking of Kabli's social status in the caste ridden Indian society. I understand Vinod Kambli is a dalit. If it is so, Azharuddin has hit below the belt. Rather than doing this he should answer the allegations. Azharuddin does not, if I may add, deserve to hold any public position like the Member of Parliament with this vicious and casteist mindset. He should be condemned by all right thinking people in the society at large.


  1. Hello mama ji !!
    its difficult to say whom to believe or whom not to believe. remmeber Azhar was banned by BCCI for corruption , his ban was just lifted few years back . Kambli seems to be telling the truth , but all other team members from 96 wc saying that hes lying . Also Kambli should have said these things immediatly after the match ? So i am little confused !