Thursday, October 6, 2011


It is next in the series of blogs on the contemporary heroes. I wanted to write on a recognised and acclaimed lyricist ( writer of Punjabi songs) Madan Jalandhari but did not have the requisite information. I have had a chance meeting with Madan Jalandhari this week at the residence of my old friend Gulzari Lal of Basti Nau in Jalandhar. I went to Gulzari Lal to express and convey my condolences on the untimely death of his young son. Madan Jalandhari who also happened to be a friend of Gulzari Lal and community activists was also there for the same purpose. It provided me an opportunity to talk to Madan about his poetic and literary talent and related matters. Madan impressed me with his down to earth and humble mannerism.

Like me, Madan is also an alumnus of the DAV College, Jalandhar. He also belongs to the extended family his name sake Madan Angural of Basti Danishmand, father of my daughter in law Sulekha. Madan was employed with some Government Undertaking for his livelihood. But took voluntary retirement on tasting the success in his literary pursuits. Madan has more than 400 songs to his credit and about 40 albums. He has written songs for some films also which were appreciated well. I understand, rightly so as Madan is a handsome man, he also acted in one of the Punjabi films. I told Madan that many years before I liked his famous and popular song:
“Chandigarh kare ashiqui munda jattan da Jalandharon aa ke,
kite mar na jave kujh kha ke,
vech ke scooter ohne Hero Honda lai leya
BA di padhai vich teeji vaari reh geya”

I asked Madan about his talent. He said that he himself did not know and added that it was God's gift. I enquired about his Guru, if there was any. Madan said as a matter of fact that when he was a budding artist at the Jalandhar Doordarshan and Akashvani, the needed documentation had a column to fill in the name of the Guru or Instructor etc.. He approached the famous poet and writer Santokh Singh Safri for the purpose. Santokh Singh Safri gladly expected him as his disciple ( Shish). Madan proved himself and added yet another feather in the cap of his worthy Guru. Madan informed that he was impressed by Charan Singh Safri also whom I myself liked much. While talking to Gulzari Lal on the sad death of his son, Madan got emotional and recited one of his poetic compositions. One of his songs " Akkhon Digge Hanjhu " was quite a hit. I understand Madan introduced and encouraged famous singers Kaler Kanth and Sabar Koti. Both Kaler Kanth and Sabar Koti proved themselves and made Madan Jalandhari proud.

Besides his professional excellence, Madan Jalandhari is well connected to the social and community causes. He is well connected with the Dera of Swami Gurdip Giri of Pathankot. He spoke high of Swamiji and his good work in the region. Fortunately, I also personally know Swami Gurdip Giri and his work and mission for the weaker sections of the society. I take this opportunity and wish both Madan Jalandhari and Swami Gurdip Giri further success and prosperity.

अपना मुकदर आप बनाते हैं अहले दिल,
हम वोह नहीं जीने ज़माना बना गया !

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