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Book Release - Prof. Om Parkash Sampla’s Autobiographical Account

Book Release - Prof. Om Parkash Sampla’s Autobiographical Account

I met Prof. Om Parkash Sampla about six months ago in my office at Bootan Mandi, Jalandhar at his own initiative. Before that we had spoken on telephone a couple of times and I came to know that he belonged to a well known village in the out-skirts of Jalandhar city, Sofipind, a village of MOS Vijay Sampla and a hub of community activities pertaining to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Mahatma Buddha and Guru Ravidass. Prof. Om Parkash Sampla, an
octogenarian, spoke in good English with matching authority and gave me to understand that he was an intellectual by his own right. I was impressed when he told me that he was a Professor of Psychology at AIIMS and IIT Kanpur, both prestigious positions and had come back to his roots in Jalandhar.  Given my background in diplomacy, I also lived away from Jalandhar and like Prof. Sampla ventured to come back after my retirement. Let me confess, in a lighter vein, that we thought it fit to go by the saying “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” and pass time to mutual benefit. We tended to benefit from each other’s company to mutual advantage.

During our first meeting, he gifted me one of his newly published books along with some earlier publications. He suggested that it would be good if could read the book and write a review for the benefit of others. I promised to do so but could not keep my word due to my other occupations on one hand and the unusual name of the book “Your Distinctive Splendour Kick – Frisky (Zindadil) and & Dynamic Life” – The Importance of Being. Nevertheless, I must register my gratitude that Prof. Sampla remained in touch and we spoke to each other many a times on phone. I found him a good human being and a knowledgeable educationist.

The book “Your Distinctive Splendour Kick – Frisky (Zindadil) and & Dynamic Life” – The Importance of Being, was formally released at the Punjab Press Club in Jalandhar on March 9, 2017 by Former Lt. Governor of Pondicherry, Dr. Iqbal Singh. The function was presided over by Former DGP of Punjab, Dr. D.R. Bhatti to
which I was also invited and honoured. It was an impressive function. Both Dr. Iqbal Singh and Dr. D.R. Bhatti spoke with conviction and praised Prof. Sampla. Prof. Sampla had told me before hand that I will be expected to speak and ‘bless the author’ at the occasion. Obviously, there was no way but to go through the book hurriedly with a view to authenticate and justify my observations not only on the book but also about its distinguished author and my friend Prof. Om Parkash Sampla. I did my best in my own humble way which was appreciated. 

The speaking notes of my remarks at the book release are appended below for wider circulation.

Let me say as a humble recognition of Prof. Om Parkash Sampla’s rise to lofty heights in life:

तू शाहीन है परवाज है काम तेरा;
तेरे सामने आसमान और भी हैं !

Appendix  - 

Remarks at the book release on March 9, 2017: Your Distinctive Splendour Kick – Frisky (Zindadil) and Dynamic Life – The Importance Being: Prof. Sampla Omprakash

·       The very title of the book tends to justify the saying that “Humility is the virtue of the weak”.  But the reality is the other way round in the case of Prof. Omprakash Sampla.

·       It is not easy and simple to rise from a humble technician at the AIIMS in New Delhi to a distinguished Professor at the IIT Kanpur.  Thumbs up to the Professor – Still going strong and kicking.

·       With all the splendor, dynamism, Zindadili and flare for life, Prof. Sampla is a humble person at heart. He gifted me his book which is being released today officially with a citation “To His Excellency Ramesh Chander with humility (vinaysheelta). I was touched. Thanks Professor Sahib.

·       ज़िन्दगी ज़िंदादिली का नाम है;
·       मुर्दा दिल क्या खाक ज़िया करते हैं.

·       Coming to the book, the style, the contents and presentation are as distinctive as the persona of the author. To say in the poetic expression of Mirza Galib:

 कहते हैं की ग़ालिब का तर्ज़े बयां और.

·       Most of the scientific themes go over my head and book in hand is no exception. Prof. Sampla will bear with me.

·       But the book is fully loaded with other subjects of interest and concern which are relevant and thought provoking.

·       Thought provoking assertions on “Fears of Success Vs Fears of Failure, Scientific Rationality, Community Health and Nutrition etc are worth reading.

·       My special interest remained on social and political issues raised and commented upon in the book.

·       India- American Bonhomie, Obama-Factor, Social media, Women issues like International Women’s Day, Real life stories and Enchanting Women’s Magic Power are enlightening and informative.

·       To put it lightly, as an appreciation of Prof Sampla’s special take on the beauties like Shobha De, Shabana Azmi and Sharmila Tagore, one can easily see that Prof. Omprakash is as human as anybody else but with a distinctive touch and soft corner for the ladies. Wish you all the best, Sir.

·       Thank you very much, Sir, for inviting me to this great event of your chequred career and frisky life.

·       अपना मुक्क़दर आप  बनाते हैं एहले दिल;
हम वह नहीं जीने ज़माना बना गया।

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