Tuesday, September 10, 2013


All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations is an outfit of SC/ST organizations both in public and private sectors with its headquarters in New Delhi. The Punjab Chapter of the Confederation was launched on September 8, 2013 at an impressive function at Red Cross Bhawan in Jalandhar. The organizers, particularly Shri Jiwan Singh of LIC, invited me to the function as Guest of Honour along with other dignitaries like Shri Rajesh Bagha, Chairman of Punjab State SC Commission, Shri Surinder Mahey, Ex. Mayor of Jalandhar, Shri R.L. Bassan, Civil Surgeon of Jalandhar and Shri Paramjit Mahey, President BSNL SC/ST Employees Association. Shri K.P. Chaudhary, Secretary General of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations presided over the inaugural function.

The Punjab Chapter of the Confederation was launched successfully with presence and support of various SC/ST outfits. I was impressed by the sizeable gathering of the employees of various offices, an educated class of the dalit community. Shri K.P. Chaudhary’s presidential address was good, informative and motivative. I found Chaudhary a knowledgeable person with good personality and oratorical skills. Shri Chaudhary, inter alia, said that Reservation of SC/STs should be restored in promotions. The reservation provisions should be made statutory and kept in the 9th Schedule of the constitution. He also demanded that since the job opportunities in the public sector were shrinking reservation should be provided in the private sector too.

The underlying current of the function was the need of unity in the community to face the upcoming challenges of the fast changing ground realities both in the society and polity. All the speakers stressed that it will be advisable to get united and stand under the umbrella of the Ambedkar Mission and Thought. The divisive tendencies, on the basis of religion and sects,  shall not be allowed to overtake the situation. I think that it is the only correct way to get united. And without getting united, the community is bound to suffer.

The Working Committee of the Punjab Chapter of the Confederation will be headed by Shri Amrik Singh Bungar of PWD supported by Working President Shri Jiwan Singh of LIC, Vice President Shri Paramjit Mahey of BSNL, General Secretary Shri Prem Pal Domeli.

 I wish the leaders of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations all success in the years to come.


  1. The Central Govt plans to Include the converted christians and Muslims to SC St List. Now they are considering the same. So protest strongly to avoid such inappropriate and anti national move against down trodden.

  2. Sir, does the All India P&T (Postal & Telicom) SC & ST employees welfare association has any relation to your confederation.

  3. Please confirm me the same at the earliest. I sall be very grateful to you Sir.

  4. Central water commission sc/st refuses to help sc/st due to useless office bearers

  5. Central Water Commission Chairman refuses to include DoPT safeguards in its Transfer Policy, Training Policy....etc. Laws are bent for Jhas and Saxenas, but for Sc/ST all laws have to be obeyed.

  6. Central Water Commission terrorist casteist officers are Atula Jain, P.k.sexena, AB Poondya....help please...