Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Countdown - The End of a Facinating Journey

The ' Hi ' and ' Bye ' is an important aspect of the game called diplomacy. We have experienced the both, the happiness and the pain, of the process in the four decade long but fascinating diplomatic journey beginning in March 1970 and coming to an end on December 31, 2010, the day I retire from the Indian Foreign Service. It was a most satisfying and rewarding experience. I say this with a great sense of contentment and humility that from a humble beginning as a Clerk in the Ministry of External Affairs, I could become an Ambassador. I have no regrets and complete my first inning successfully and get ready for the second of which I will workout the details in due course.

The countdown for the first leg of the journey has started. My wife Vidya, who remained a constant companion throughout, has started the process of binding up in Minsk. She hosted a 'Good bye Reception' at India House for the members of the Minsk Diplomatic Ladies Club on November 18. She told me that it turned out to be an emotional event. Along with traditional parting gift of a set of Belarusian table linen, there is an entry in the coffee table book 'Minsk and Surroundings' by the ladies from the Turkish Embassy and I quote " ....we love you and respect you and will remember you all the time. We love India and the Indian movies." A diplomat's success gets manifestation when the country he or she represents gets recognition and comes in the reckoning. I feel good in writing that though Vidya has a limited ability to communicate in English yet she has a god given attribute to make friends with her earthy and simple style and manners. It is satisfying to note that we could make it together. The nature of a diplomat's work and job is such that the lady at home has to be fully supportive and engaged. Vidya fitted the bill. Jawaharlal Nehru, speaking in the Parliament in the early years of the founding of the Indian Foreign Service and referring to the wives said that we pay salary for one and employ one and a half. Of course, Vidya is my better half.

I will write again on the process of The Countdown -The End of a Fascinating Journey.


  1. As simple majority is required to form government, similarly there must be a strong supporter behind you who encourages you and motivates you to the top position. Mami ji has come out as n outstanding supporter of yours. It tells us about eternal beauty within her.Just hats off to her....

    I know the moment of your retirement is going to be quite emotional for u.....but i'm sure for all those people also with whom who worked as they were the precious moments. But it is a matter of intense joy and happiness for us as somebody in our family is going to complete his job performing with such honesty & dedication. Within my consciousness it is going to be a first retirement in our family. Thanks to you for raising the prestige and honor of my nation. I just find no words to express my happiness...can't write further. Just tears of happiness trickling down my cheeks. Love u

    Regards n Well wishes
    From- Priya Chander

  2. There is no doubt that Mom has as wonderful personality and a clean heart. She has come a long way with you, supporting you and raising us, three children. And a wonderful cook that she is, she wins the heart of many. Further more, she has not only given but at the same time I am sure that she will agree if I say that she has learnt a lot more in return. In your company she has tasted and experienced freedom of thought and action. She has experienced equality. And it is in this atomosphere that we have grown and learnt the same by watching you two. It gives me immense pleasure and I feel proud to say that I have the best parents! God bless you and MOM!

  3. thanks priya. god bless you. my sense of satisfaction goes up when I find all of you (our children) have come up. you share our joy and grief. you understand and appreciate. i can see the future of our family.

    we have covered some miles. we are on the way. we are yet to reach. i look forward to that day. i look forward to have more time with you all after my retirement.

    thanks for the good words. you have touched my heart. i have conveyed your feelings to vidya also. love.

  4. thanks sheloo. i will convey your feelings to your mom. we are proud of you. yes, it is a give a take with dignity and respect. the sense of belonging shall remain with us. i will make us remain on track. god bless you. with lots of love.

  5. Hello taya ji..well I read your blogs regualary but after long time I find something to comment on because it is about you ‘ A leader of the family’The Countdown - The End of a Facinating Journey is set up a very touching tone and I am thankful to you because many times I feel the warmth of status you have set for our family.your hard work and longstanding commitment to your department is exemplary.
    A person can retire but he can’t retire his experience.he must use it and I am sure that you have some well written plans on paper.
    We all are looking forward to have your association and guidance in future.
    Best of luck for your second inning which will begin soon.
    I wish for your good health..

  6. thanks mahesh.i am happy to listen something good from my own. god bless you. yes, the retirement comes when one stops working. i have no such intension as of now. i look forward to be with you all. we have a good batch of youngesters in the family. may be i can contribute to their further making. let us see. with love.