Saturday, March 27, 2010


let me tell you that i have ventured to create my blog with a view to learn something more. i read recently that dr. ambedkar started learning violin towards the fag end of his life. i could not do much in the learning process particularly with regards to formal educational attainments. perhaps i shall try do something now to rectify the position.

i am a fan of khuswant singh and read his column 'this above all' on every saturday in the tribune. today he wrote about queen victoria and one her indian attendents abdul karim. lord elgin, one of viceroys to india, snubbed abdul karim for sending him new year gretings as he was a commoner. i had the chance to meet one of the lord elgins and his grand children in edinburgh during my posting there as India's consul general. the regal behaviour of the elgins notwithstanding, the family has the charm and definite traces of dignity.

i am yet to have my my profile posted and also a photo which i Will do in a day or so.

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